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Guidance on the meaning and impact of pensions legislation changes.

Aries creates insight by providing concise, technically accurate and easily accessible guidance for pensions providers, administrators and advisers. Aries provides insight into the meaning and impact of pensions regulation, ensuring difficult legislative provisions are properly expounded and set in context.


We monitor every development in new and proposed legislation and official guidelines.

Aries serves as a one-stop source of intelligence on everything that is going on and coming up. Aries keeps clients up to date with the constant and large volume of amendments and additions from the Treasury, HMRC, DWP, PPF, FCA and the Pensions Regulator. All the relevant legislation is covered, going back to the 1970s.


Clear and straight advice on putting pensions legislation changes into practice.

Aries develops clear and easy to implement guidance on putting the regulations into practice -saving time and effort. This is particularly valuable when major changes are afoot - which, in our modern world, means every year and sometimes every month.


In effect Aries delivers peace of mind.

Mistakes in pensions can be very expensive, costing staff time and reputational damage as well as money. By providing a comprehensive pensions technical support service, Aries delivers clients peace of mind that everything is covered. Aries also covers areas where pensions overlaps other domains, such as accounting, employment, divorce and bankruptcy law.


Aries knows what has shaped pensions legislation and what is afoot today.

Aries offers a huge pensions knowledge base, covering every aspect of the pensions industry to the minutiae of each piece of new or amended legislation. The Aries view of pensions extends both to the wider stage, the context in which pensions legislation and regulation is made, and to the narrow focus on particular provisions and their practical effect.


Channelling over 30 years experience working with the top pensions providers and the UK authorities.

Participating in HMRC’s Pensions Industry Stakeholder Forum and via our contacts at HMRC, DWP, SPP and other bodies, we provide a channel of communication which informs the authorities of practical problems in the industry and helps elucidate official requirements for our clients.